Water Pump Seal
 Auto Cooling Pumps Seal
 Industrial Pump Seal
 Dry Gass Seal
   Stainless Steel Vertical Multistage Centrifugal Pump Seal
    The brand -- “changmi” as well as “Great wall seal” were registered by the Wenzhou Changmi Airtight manufacturing Co., Ltd in 1984. Then in 2007, to meet the fast growing request of the market, one bigger factory was founded with the name Suqian Great wall Mechanical Seal manufacturing co.,Ltd. Which is set in 30 million sqaure meters located in Jiangsu province suqian city. The registered capital up to 60 million RMB . Now, the “changmi” and Great wall seal” were shared by the 2 factory. While the Wenzhou Changmi Airtight manufacturing Co., Ltd now only make after-sale service for the domestic market, and Suqian Great wall Mechanical Seal manufacturing co.,Ltd. Charge for the production.

    10 engineers, 50 quality inspectors and 500 operators totally work as a strong team. This make us one of the biggest mechanical seals producing factory of the word.

    The products of changmi are : pump mechanical seal, industry mechanical seals, bellow mechanical seals, Cartridge mechanical seal, seal parts (ring, spring, bellow, trust, tube.etc…) and some machine which relation to the mechanical seals. We have business with many famous pump factory in China and all over the world. The sale amount keep larger with a rate of 2%

    The company has established and maintains a quality system ISO9002: 1994 and ISO9001: 2000. we also have the ROSH certification, and we got the “Jiangsu famous brand” in 2014.

    To be best, To be nicest, fill the spirit , keep fast. We always remember our culture. We would like create a bright future for the world.

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